Total Body Conditioning
core stability
20 / 20 / 20
Low Impact Aerobic
Gentle Yoga
Power Yoga
Low Impact Aerobics
QI Gong

Class Timetable
At the moment we are running classes in the studio outdoor and via Zoom

   Studio equipment to bring
Zoom equipment to prepare
Monday09.30-10.30Barbell (studio)MM,BB,D optional K,S
10.45-12.00Gentle Yoga (studio)M
18.00-18.45Strengthening (studio)M
19.00-20.00Pilates For Beginner (studio)M
Tuesday09.3010.15Strengthening (outdoor)MM,D optional K
11.00-12.00Pilates & Stretch (outdoor)MM, optional D or PB or EB
19.00-20.30Foam Roller Release (studioM
Wednesday11.00-12.00Pilates (outdoor)MM
Thursday10.00-10.30Leg and Bum Blast (outdoor)MM
10.45-11.30Conditioning (outdoor)MM
Friday09.45-10.30Barbell (studio)MM,BB,D optional K,S
Saturday10.00-11.00Pilates (studio)MM,C
M - matD - dumbbellsPB - pilates ballS - stepEB – elastic band
C - cushionBB - barbell and weightK - kettlebellYB - yoga block

if you find any differences  between this timetable and booking system timetable, please follow booking system.