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Change of Venue

Well, we have a New Year, 2023. What about starting this year well and introducing a new fitness regime! This is a good time to do this as at the beginning of the year we are more motivated to do something good for ourselves. Also, we tend to have more time as the weather is colder and days are shorter.

In Wazfit I have already made some changes in order to prepare for this coming year.  I created a new studio which has a lovely, private atmosphere. I hope you will like it.

Address for my home studio is: Beeches Park Cottage, Golf Course, Kinross. KY13 8EU.

I like this set up. Classes are smaller which means it is much easier for me to keep one to one contact with each client. It is also easier to get to know each person personally and I can offer my help and advice easier if needed.  It is very important that we do our exercise correctly, this way, we will work much more effectively and we will reduce any risk of damaging our joints. We just want to create positive changes which are good for our wellbeing.


I have more ideas, but in this first quarter of the new year I will introduce just a few, which we will start either this or next week.

In the mornings

  • On Mondays we will change our Gentle Yoga class at 10.45am to a Spinal Mobility class. As the name suggests the class will focused on strength and mobility of the spine using Pilates and Yoga techniques.
  • I will add a Pilates class on Tuesdays at 11.45 am, starting from 17th Jan
  • Friday Barbell class will be in my new studio at Beeches Park Cottage, Kinross. As this class is popular, we will introduce two classes instead of one. The first class will start at 9.30 am the second at 10.30am. We will introduce  these two classes this week on 13th January.

In the evening

  • A NEW METABOLIC class on Mondays 6.15pm (just 30 min class). This class aims to boost your metabolism being short, intense, and using weights. We will start this class on 16th Initially this will be a trial class and if popular, we will make it a permanent fixture.
  • A NEW BARBELL class on Thursdays at 6pm. This Class will start on 19th

You can join our fitness classes or choose Personal Training. Both are available live at our studio or streamed online by Zoom.

In Wazfit I personally provide the FITNESS CLASSES and PERSONAL TRAINING. The class timetable is designed to provide a range of classes that considers all fitness levels. If you need help with deciding what class will suit you please call, message or email me.

However, if you feel you need any more advice or individual attention there is the additional option of one to one personal training with me. I am a Level 3 advanced Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. I am Inspired and motivated by my clients’ commitment and transformations. My own knowledge and experience help me to identify and understand clients needs and deliver unique personalised programmes. My approach is to improve clients awareness of their own bodies by analysis of individual posture and movement patterns enabling long term benefits.

Joanna Waz

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