Welcome to Wazfit Studio

Change of Venue

I have managed to make a lovely studio in my home and I’m looking forward to working there. I hope you will be happy to join me.

From Monday 31st of October, Wazfit will operate in two places.

Most of the classes will be in my home studio but Wednesday Pilates at 11.00am and Friday Barbell class at 9.30am will be in Dance Connect. We will continue like this from now on. Make sure you know where to go.

Address for my home studio is: Beeches Park Cottage, Golf Course, Kinross. KY13 8EU.

Dance Connect studio address is: 1 Junction Rd., Kinross, KY13 8FL

You can join our fitness classes or choose Personal Training. Both are available live at our studio or streamed online by Zoom.

I provide the FITNESS CLASSES and PERSONAL TRAINING. The class timetable is designed to provide a range of classes that considers all fitness levels. However, if you feel you need any more advice or individual attention there is the additional option of one to one personal training with me.

I am a Level 3 advanced Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. I am Inspired and motivated by my clients’ commitment and transformations. My own knowledge and experience help me to identify and understand clients needs and deliver unique personalised programmes. My approach is to improve clients awareness of their own bodies by analysis of individual posture and movement patterns enabling long term benefits.

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As from Monday 31st of October, Wazfit will be operating from two places.  Joanna has created a lovely studio in her home and is looking forward to working there. Although most of the classes will [...]